SmartLogic Studies: Where to Work Roundup

The right office space and support system are key to your company’s success. They are especially important when you’re first starting out -- you need more than a desk and some chairs, you need a community.

Here are a few of the great coworking spaces/incubators in Baltimore that are ready to help you and your business succeed:


Betamore is a campus for technology and entrepreneurship located in the heart of the Federal Hill neighborhood of downtown Baltimore. Betamore offers coworking, continuing education and mentorship via an advisory board.

Featured in Where to Work: Betamore

Notable companies that have worked at Betamore:

Learn more about Betamore.


bwtech@UMBC brings research, entrepreneurship, business leads, prospective clients and economic development in the Maryland region to one singular place.

Featured in Where to Work: bwtech

Notable companies that have worked at bwtech@UMBC:

Learn more about bwtech@UMBC.


The ETC (Emerging Technology Centers) promotes economic growth by providing its member companies with the resources they need — seed capital, mentors, potential partners, a collaborative community, etcetera — to get where they want to go, as quickly as possible.

Featured in Where to Work: ETC

Notable companies that have worked at the ETC:

Learn more about the ETC.


FastForward is an accelerator at Johns Hopkins that serves as a catalyst for the advancement and commercialization of an array of innovations that are derived both at the university and elsewhere.

Featured in Where to Work: FastForward

Notable companies that have worked at FastForward:

Learn more about FastForward

Spark Baltimore

Spark is a collaborative coworking space, featuring private offices and shared workspace for entrepreneurs, creators and innovators, located at Power Plant Live!

Featured in Where to Work: Spark Baltimore

Notable companies that have worked at Spark Baltimore:

Learn more about Spark.

There are so many wonderful spaces in Baltimore to launch your company from -- these are just a few.

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