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SmartLogic at the Big Elixir 2018

We’re excited to be heading to New Orleans this week for the Big Elixir, a two-day, single track conference that helps developers take their Elixir skills to the next level.

We’re sponsoring, presenting, and hosting a small happy hour; if you’re headed there too, we’d love to catch up. We’ve been building custom applications in Phoenix and Elixir since 2015, for clients including Stanley Black & Decker, UnDigital, and the Baltimore Water Taxi. Stop by the happy hour, say hi after Eric’s talk, or ping Justus or Eric on Twitter if you’d like to meet up.

Happy Hour at Pat O’Brien’s
Wednesday 8-10 PM, 718 St Peter

Come talk Elixir and have a drink on us!

Eric’s Presentation: Going Multi-Node
Thursday 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

You have an application that works well on a single node, and you’ve heard that Erlang lets you scale out in a cluster. How do you go about doing that?

We’ll walk through the steps I took to turn ExVenture (a multiplayer game server) into a distributed application.

Starting with connecting nodes in development and production, to picking a cluster leader via the Raft protocol, and dealing with process groups to fan calls throughout the cluster.

Finally we’ll see some of the hurdles I encountered when spanning multiple nodes.

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