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ElixirConf 2019 Highlights

Last week half of our team headed out to Colorado for ElixirConf 2019, for training, talks, emceeing, networking, and more.

Some of our Favorite Talks

Favorite Hallway Conf Moments

One of Justus's favorite moments at ElixirConf was a conversation with a Scala dev who felt really welcomed and included in a way that he hadn't at other events; the Elixir people were much more welcoming than what he was used to. This sentiment was echoed by other attendees at the conference as well.

One of the highlights for Yair was seeing a bunch of people who he met at RailsConfs about a decade ago; it was nice to see some of them at new events and making the move to Elixir.

Extracurriculars: Emceeing, Brewery Hang

All conference long Justus emceed the talks, bringing puns and positive vibes all around.

And we brought a sizeable crew to downtown Denver Thursday night for a brewery hang and Elixir-powered kitchen tour.

Up Next

Our team had a great time learning and networking at ElixirConf, and we're looking forward to more Elixir conferences in our near future. Next up is the Big Elixir in New Orleans, where Eric will be presenting a keynote — see you there!

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