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Workshop Preview: Girls in Computer Science Summit

Since getting into programming a few years ago, I've heard it said several times that figuring out how to set up a development environment is the biggest barrier to learning to code, and I think there's a lot of truth to that sentiment. To someone who has never seen the command line before and doesn't know what a "server" is or what it means to run a script or how to open a file in the browser, there are a bunch of variable, often unclear steps required just to get to a point where they can start typing a few lines of code.

The good news is that there are an increasing number of great online tools trying to lower the barrier to entry; browser-based programming environments now make it possible to write and run code without fighting to set up a local environment. However, even with such resources free and accessible, if you don't have access to computer science education or have any friends or family members who know how to program, you'll probably never know that any of these opportunities are out there or how to get started.

It's for these reasons that I'm excited to be leading an "Intro to Web Development" Workshop at the Code in The Schools Girls in Computer Science Summit this Saturday. The workshop will introduce high-school girls to very basic concepts in html, css, and javascript and get them set up with a browser-based programming environment for playing around with front-end web development.

My main hope is that by the end of the workshop the participants will have seen enough to be intrigued and that they'll know exactly where to go next to continue to learn and try out more.

SmartLogic is proud to sponsor the Girls in Computer Science Summit, which is free and open to all girls in Grades 9-12. Breakfast, lunch, and a swag bag will be provided to each attendee. Registration for the free Summit can be found here:

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