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48 Links from CocoaConf 2014

Hot Chocolate and a churro from CocoaConf2014
If you missed CocoaConf 14, or forgot to note a resource one of the speakers we were looking forward to, I've got you covered. Below are 48 links I bookmarked at the conference to follow up on later. Feel free to add any resources or events you discovered at the conference in the comments.

Auto Layout Guide: Introduction
Developing Perspective
grasmeyer-ZumeroIncrementalStorejack-cox-captech/LivingWithAutolayoutOCMockpresentations/code/NSCollectionsTalk at master · kognate/presentationspresentations/code/SpriteKitUIKit at master · kognate/presentationsRubber City WizardsSecure Incremental Store | stoeger it GmbHSecure Mac Programming : Test-Driven iOS DevelopmentSprite Kit Tutorial for Beginners | Ray WenderlichUIKit Dynamics and iOS 7: Building UIKit Pong » Big Nerd Ranch BlogUIKit Dynamics CatalogUIMotionEffect Class ReferenceXcode Coverage | Cocoaneticsdempseyatgithub/WordsWithoutFriendsTo drawRect or not to drawRect? - iwantmyreal.namesammyd/iOS-ArrowDrawingCore Graphics Framework ReferenceCore Animation Programming Guide: About Core Animationmpospese/AnimationPerformanceCocoaConf Support FilesStupid Video Tricks (CocoaConf DC, March 2014)Crunchyroll - My Ordinary Life Full episodes streaming online for freeCrunchyroll - Angel Beats Full episodes streaming online for freeHatsune Miku headphones ink by Indignation on deviantARTRGB color space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDeveloper Forums[Time code];mikeash/MAObjCRuntimeLaughLab: The Scientific Search for the World's Funniest Jokeruntime-class.mView Controller Transitions - iOS 7 - issue #5ASCIIwwdc - Custom Transitions Using View ControllersWWDC 2013 Session Videos - Apple DeveloperASCIIwwdc - Implementing Engaging UI on iOSImplementing Engaging UI on iOSTyree Apps | Handmade SoftwareHeliosdrewmccormack/ensemblesWasabi Syncnothirst/TICoreDataSyncmagicalpanda/MagicalRecordMagicalRecord Tutorial for iOS | Ray Wenderlichmmorey/MDMCoreDatacore data - Integrate mogenerator within Xcode 4 - Stack OverflowiOS7 Day by Day by Sam Davies [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]Check out our previous coverage of CocoaConf._ Follow SmartLogic on Twitter to learn more about agile software development and the company._ Image source

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