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RailsConf 2013: 2 Must-See Talks a Day

Excited for RailsConf 2013!
I’m very excited to see some practical talks lined up for this year’s RailsConf. As SmartLogic’s Director of Development Operations, I’m closely involved in the overall progress and performance of all our client applications, and their technology stacks and server deployments are near and dear to my heart. My favorite topics this year are trending towards scaling, monitoring, and the best server side tools for the job. This probably isn’t a surprise given how much I talk about servers.

So these are 2 talks from each day that I’m most looking forward to right now:


How Shopify Scales Rails

Monitoring the Health of Your App


Rails Vs. The Client Side

An Intervention for ActiveRecord


Using Elasticsearch with Rails Apps

Configuration Management Patterns


The Long Ball - Upgrading long lived Rails apps from 1.x-4.0

Dissecting Ruby with Ruby

I’m also hoping to talk shop with anyone who wants to. I’d like to discuss story writing, backlog management, client iteration meetings, developer happiness, or anything else about your development process. So if you’d like to chat, reach out to me ([email protected], @danivovich) and let’s meet up for a meal or during a break.

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About Dan Ivovich

Dan is the Director of Development Operations at SmartLogic
  • Baltimore, MD
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