SmartLogic Announces b2Bmore, a Business Expo in Baltimore

Are you a small but expert service provider itching to work with bigger companies that you know would benefit from what you do?

SmartLogic want to help you make that introduction and hopefully open the door to working together. This September we are holding b2Bmore, a business expo to help you connect and do business in Baltimore.

SmartLogic presents b2Bmore, a connector for the Baltimore tech community
SmartLogic](, along with the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, the Emerging Technology Centers, and the Technology Development Corportation (TEDCO), is presenting b2Bmore to help connect companies in Maryland who usually don't cross paths but should.

We are bringing together larger companies with a desire to fuel innovation with smaller firms who have the technology and skills to build cutting-edge products.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 16th from 8-11 a.m. We will be at the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore offices at 20 S. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 and hope you join us.

If you're a top company and want to connect with some of biggest companies in the Baltimore region, apply for b2Bmore today.



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