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Lonestar Elixir 2020 Recap

Our team had a great time last week at Lonestar Elixir in Austin. This year's event had new hosts — Bruce and Maggie Tate took over from Jim Freeze, who still runs ElixirConf — and a new location, the Alamo Drafthouse. We definitely enjoyed the new location and were impressed with the talk curation overall; a very auspicious start for the next chapter of Lonestar!

We kept busy, presenting, emceeing, recording podcasts, and catching up with fellow Elixirists; here's a rundown of some of our favorite moments from the conference.

Dave Thomas and Justus Eapen at Lonestar Elixir
Dave Thomas scored one of the pet pillows we brought this year.

Talks that stood out:

Zach Thomas, Getting the Frog out of the Well
On how you know you're on the right track for a code architecture if you're having fun; a sort of developer-facing usability test for codebase quality.

Justin Schneck, on Using Resources Responsibly
Justin made the case that the cloud has made it so that a generation of developers hasn't had to think about memory or bandwidth constraints, but those things do matter, especially with IoT.

Melvin Cedeno, From Bootcamp To Elixir Contracts: A Road Less Traveled
What Melvin wishes he'd known before switching to Elixir.

Jason Stewart, Physically-Based Rendering Using Elixir
The best explanation of ray tracing we've ever seen.


Happy hour at Lustre Pearl Rainey
Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a great time socializing and getting to know more community members better. Thanks also to Groxio for co-sponsoring the event!

We recorded our second annual Lunchisode (out later this week), guested on Elixir Outlaws, and even released a Lonestar preview episode.

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Elixir Wizardry going on at lunch. #lonestarelixir20

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Closing Thoughts

The mixture in Elixir of cloud and IoT development with Nerves brings together some really interesting ideas; that cross-pollination helps elevate the potential of everything we can do with Elixir.

We really enjoyed the supportive community vibe overall at Lonestar; we'll update this post with links once talk videos are live, and we're looking forward to seeing the Elixir community again this summer at ElixirConf.

Header photo courtesy @LonestarElixir

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