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Lonestar 2019 Recap

Last week we touched down in the Lone Star State for the 2019 Lonestar Elixir Conference. The conference provided opportunities to learn better ways to approach coding challenges, and we got to meet Elixir professionals who are changing the way we work.

Eric Oestrich presented a talk on how to get metrics about your application that matter to you, using Prometheus and Telemetry. He also showed a real application that is open source, so the audience could view the full example.

After volunteering to lead lightning talks after the closing keynote on Friday night, Justus became the impromptu MC by the second day of the conference.

Smart Software with Smart Logic made its Elixir Conference debut, by hosting a lunchtime podcast featuring many luminaries of the Elixir community. Special guests included: José Valim, creator of Elixir; Chris McCord, creator of Phoenix; Jim Freeze, organizer of ElixirConf, and many others.

As usual, the conference was a really good time. Jim Freeze and his team are great organizers. The talk quality was very high and the keynote speakers were important players in the field who know how to get you invested in the ecosystem. The networking is great because folks are so friendly, and we had a chance to follow up with people at the happy hour we hosted at Easy Tiger. We were proud to participate, sponsor, and host our podcast during the event.

See you at ElixirConf 2019 in Aurora!

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