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Bmore on Rails Workshop for Women Recap and an Invite for Lunch

How much of a demand is there for women-focused development courses in Baltimore?
Sarah Jones of LMO Advertising at B'more on Rails Workshop for Women for Ruby on Rails

Paris Pittman, one of the organizers of the Bmore on Rails Workshop for Women which was held at Betamore this past weekend, says it's high.

"It was a really great event. It sold out 4 weeks before the event, we had no clue that was going to happen," she said.

SmartLogic was one of the event's sponsors; we love supporting the Baltimore tech community and seeingthe community grow. Event participant Sarah Morgan was one of more than 50 women learning Ruby on Rails at Betamore and she plans to teach others what she learned.

"I’m actually an elementary school teacher, I’d like to bring some programs to my school where I can get kids interested at a younger age," she said. "I wanted to build my background knowledge and exposure so that when we encounter these problems I’m encountering, I’m able to navigate and guide students through that." 

Teacher Sarah Morgan at the B'more on Rails Workshop for Women for Ruby on Rails
While most of the workshop particpants were from the Baltimore-area, Pittman said a group came from Richmond to not only learn some new skills but also take the event home with them. 

"It’s kind of ignited fires in folks to do more in their own community," she said. "Even though they’re not experts, they feel this type of event could benefit the community as a whole there. So that’s really great news."

And we don't want the learning to end even though the weekend has. With our new Lunch and Learn program we're inviting people to come by the SmartLogic offices for a bite to eat and learn something from us. We'd love to host a follow-up Lunch and Learn for women who attended the Bmore on Rails Workshop for Women and want to find out more about Ruby on Rails and software development.

Fill out the form below so we can set up a time to have a group of new Ruby enthusiasts in for lunch and learning.


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