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Developer Apprentice Program Update: Part 1

It is hard to believe how quickly the summer has been flying by! Our Developer Apprentices are entering their seventh week, and it has been a great experience so far.

As they wrapped up their first four weeks, they've compiled some thoughts on the program and their experience.

Over the next few days, I'll share those thoughts with you. I hope you enjoy!

First up, thoughts from Amy, who has been working on our mobile team leveraging React Native.

As a developer apprentice coming into the field with a mostly self taught background in programming, there is quite a lot for me to get up to speed with. From terminology to programs to coding there’s such a variety to learn. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to have new coworkers who are knowledgeable and willing to provide explanations to all my questions. Having a resource like that is invaluable both as a new developer and even as a senior.

I’ve been working on coding for a project in React Native for the past couple weeks. It’s very satisfying being able to visually see the result of the work I’ve done. The language really encourages coding individual components which you can then use to assemble into larger pieces. Since it’s such an intuitive process, react native has been a really fun language to learn. It’s only been a couple weeks so far in the developer apprentice program, but I’m definitely excited about the weeks to come. There’s so much available to learn throughout a developer’s career and I think that’s one of most exciting things about this field.

- Amy DiPasquale

![Amy DiPasquale](

Header photo by Hannah Joshua on Unsplash

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