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5 Top Links from Google I/O: Android App Development

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I watched the Google I/O conference this week from my desk in Baltimore. If you didn’t have time to stream any of the sessions, here are a few interesting resources and highlights that could be useful to you.

  1. Android L Developer Preview
  • Preview Android L before it comes out
    • Android is now on everything
      • Phone
      • Tablet
      • TV
      • Wear
      • Auto
    • Lots of new features
      • Recent apps is now card-like and can have multiple cards per app
      • Animations
      • Project Volta–battery life improvements
  • Get your app working for Android L’s release date in the fall
  1. Android Wear
  • Powerful notification system
  • Context aware applications
    • It’s 4pm and you usually order pizza now, pop open a hint to order quickly from your watch
  1. Android TV
  • Leanback framework
    • Ships with almost complete activities and fragments to get you most of the way
  1. Material Design
  • New theme and framework for Android L
  • Lots of animation
  • Made to have depth, designs have a z index
  1. Chromebooks Run Android Apps
  2. Possible to run Android apps on Chromebooks
  3. Increases the usefulness of a Chromebook
    1. Access to non webapps


If you have any other resources to add, please comment with them and follow SmartLogic on Twitter.



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