Social Media and the Job Search: SmartLogic’s Take

SmartLogic is always looking to meet and hire good people, so I keep my eye out for hiring and job-seeking advice. I’ve noticed a rash of sensationalist articles about how social media can hurt job seekers, like this article, which says you shouldn’t post a picture of yourself wearing something you wouldn’t wear to a company function. Some people would have to remove every picture of themselves not wearing a suit under that rule.

SmartLogic team members take on Social Media and the Job Search

At SmartLogic, we know that your skills and experience are better indicators of your potential success than your social media profile or wardrobe choices. I recently wrote an article about why job seekers should ignore social media gurus who tell them to remove everything that shows they have a personality from their online presence. Check out the article to hear my thoughts.

And if you’d be interested in working at SmartLogic, we’re currently looking for developers and designers. We're an agile software development firm, learn more about us Send me your resume at

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