Sinatra OAuth Workflow: Use This to Speed Up Your App Development

With this Sinatra workflow, your app development will be as smooth as Frank
When you need to connect to multiple different APIs, it can take a long time to manage your OAuth workflow for each third-party app. On a recent app development project, I was getting really agitated using cURL for every step in the process while working on pulling in data from multiple apps. So I decided to do something about it. I’m a programmer, damn it.

While I don’t have a magic solution, I created a Sinatra OAuth proxy app that works with Harvest. This sped up development for connecting with Harvest, and with small changes, the same code can also work for other applications. For example, I tested it out on Foursquare and the same code mostly worked.

This is the code I used to speed up OAuth and inspect the third party app’s API.

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How do you handle OAuth without cURLin’ all day long? Comment and let us know.

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