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Maryland Tech Crawl Comes To Baltimore Tech Community

SmartLogic has teamed up with and the Emerging Technology Centers (ETC) to create the Maryland Tech Crawl, an annual technology show and tell event to showcase the technologies being developed in our region. We already have commitments from 20 presenting companies and more than 140 attendee registrations. We expect to have about 200 participants in total.


Maryland Tech Crawl

The Tech Crawl is being held Wednesday, December 16 from 4:30PM to 7:30PM at ETC's Canton location.

Why create another technology event?

It's a good question-- I think a lot of folks feel like there's been a deluge of events in the past year -- Innovate, Ignite, Refresh, TEDx, TechNite, Tech Cocktail, BootstrapMD, Outlet, Barcamp, not to mention the myriad of local user groups -- so why create the Tech Crawl?

While I love all of these events, I feel that none of them provide a venue for our entrepreneurs to actually showcase their technologies. The Tech Crawl is primarily a "show and tell" event. It's an opportunity for our community to get acquainted with the superb work that our technology entrepreneurs are pouring their blood and sweat into.

Why did SmartLogic want to get involved?

As an active member in both the business and technology communities in the mid-Atlantic region, I felt that I was still in the dark about the work a lot of companies were doing. I've noticed that the most interesting innovations are achieved by folks who are not out actively networking. Just consider the nature of a technology startup-- you're either building or selling, but not necessarily marketing or showcasing on a large scale. I thought there was room for an event that brought the baltimore tech community to the entrepreneurs.

Who am I excited to see?

  • Juxtopia: these guys are doing some really cool stuff in the realm of wearable tech. I can't wait to see the actual equipment!
  • Direct Dimensions: they do some impressive work in 3D scanning and modeling. They were recently recognized in the BBJ for work they're doing digitizing museum collections.
  • Videntity: this team has been developing identity verification software that allows doctors to more easily exchange sensitive information securely.

Obviously I'm also excited to see the media (BBJ, Sun, BmoreMedia, and Mario Armstrong, tech contributor for NPR, CNN, and Sirius XM Radio) all come out to cover the Tech Crawl.

If you haven't already signed up to attend, please register online. If you'd like to present your product please send an email to [email protected].

We love seeing the Baltimore tech community grow, check out how we track growth in Baltimore.

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