Google Analytics Event Tracking Overview

At our last monthly technical luncheon I gave a presentation on Google Analytics Event Tracking.

Event Tracking in Google Analytics lets the web developer track AJAX requests and by extension Flash events too. AJAX requests don't cause page views but as more and more web applications use AJAX it's important to track the AJAX requests in addition to the standard page requests. Here are some examples of things you can track with GA Event Tracking that you typically wouldn't be able to track with the standard Google Analytics Javascript embed:

  • Play/pause a video
  • Dragging an element from one part of the screen into another part of the screen, e.g. dragging a product into a shopping cart
  • Selecting a location/pin on a map
  • Resizing/panning a map
  • Reordering elements in a list
  • Hovering over elements on a webpage

The presentation is embedded below and is also available online at

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