SmartLogic Wants to Clean Up Twitter, Introduces

Are you tired of a world that lacks retweeting etiquette? You know who I'm talking about, that dude who's always retweeting @THE_REAL_SHAQ or @guykawasaki. Or those guys with multiple twitter accounts who need to ensure that every last contact gets the message, several duplicate followers be damned!

Well, we're sick of it.....and we're not the only ones!

Bill Mill's RT Rant

ShouldIRT allows you enter two twitter usernames to determine if one user should be retweeting another user.


ShouldIRT Example

In this case, I probably want to think twice about retweeting one of @yflicker's tweets, as I'm bound to piss off more people than I'd be informing. It even provides a quick shortcut to tweet a warning out to the offending retweeters.

We hope you'll give a try and follow @ShouldIRT. If you manage development of a Twitter client and would be interested in integrating this service into it, send us a tweet.

If you enjoy, then stay tuned for the following micro apps coming from SmartLogic:

  • Who Is the Person Behind the Institution?
  • How Many Freaking Accounts Does this Person Have?
  • Would I Be Better Off Reading than Following this Person?
  • Is Today Cinco de Mayo?.com

Special thanks to Nick Gauthier for contributing the bulk of the development effort on this project.

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