Faking a Will Paginate Collection on an Active Resource model

To follow up on my other blog post about Paginating an ActiveResource model and to_xml I figured I should include the client-side code so you can see how to actually use will paginate helpers out of the box to paginate an ActiveResource request.

This is example code from my model:

def self.paginate(*args, &block)
    options = args.pop
    page, per_page, total_entries = wp_parse_options(options)

    WillPaginate::Collection.create(page, per_page, total_entries) do |pager|
      count_options = options.except :page, :per_page, :total_entries, :finder
      find_options = count_options.except(:count).update(:offset => pager.offset, :limit => pager.per_page) 

      args << find_options
      # @options_from_last_find = nil
      find_results = self.find(*args, &block)
      pager.replace find_results
      # magic counting for user convenience:
      pager.total_entries = find_results.total_entries unless find_results.blank?

Example View code:

<%= render :partial => 'list' %>
<%= will_paginate(@model)%>
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