SpotCrime iPhone Application gets TechCrunched

The iPhone application we recently developed for SpotCrime just got written up in a TechCrunch article at

The iPhone application itself is available at

The iPhone application has been a success so far and is being used by thousands of iPhone users every day. It is currently the seventh most popular travel application in the Apple iPhone Travel Webapps directory.

Developing this application was a fun project for us because we were able to learn the "ins and outs" of the custom programming functions available to iPhone web applications. Some neat features of the webapp:

  • Rotating your phone will cause the map to go full-screen
  • User-friendly buttons for navigating the map: the buttons are round and somewhat transparent, making the most of the small screen
  • Easily navigable list of cities for which crimes are reported

For more information and more images, see our portfolio entry for the SpotCrime iPhone webapp.

SpotCrime iPhone webapp: Vertical View

SpotCrime iPhone webapp: Horizontal View

SpotCrime iPhone webapp: City Selector View

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