Flash Player 10 ("Astro") Prerelease and Flex SDK Build Available to Compile Flash Player 10 Content

Yesterday Adobe announced a prerelease version of Flasy Player 10 which is code-named "Astro". Users may install it and ensure their existing Flash content continues to function in Flash Player 10. Some demos of Flash Player 10 content are available as well to see the new features in action.

Some of the exciting new features include:

  1. the ability to render filters and effects made using the PixelBender toolkit
  2. dynamically manipulating sounds at the ByteArray level
  3. new Vector class for strongly-typed, more efficient arrays
  4. and plenty others

For users that wish to start compiling their content into Flash Player 10 and taking advantage of things like the new Drawing API, they may compile Flash Player 10 content using a nightly build of the Flex 3 SDK.

Also, Aaron West posted a great collection of links to articles and blogs related to the release.

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