SmartLogic Creates a Video Player for Searchles

Searchles - a Web 2.0 social search engine - has just released Searchles TV! Searchles TV is a video player that lets you combine multiple videos in any order using multiple sources like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, or Grouper and play them through one viewer either at Searchles or on your blog or website without the hassle of using editing software.

We at SmartLogic created the actual video player itself using Adobe Flash.

Below is an example of the video player in action:

Some highlights of the video player:

  • The volume slider is a lot more usable than YouTube's volume slider.
  • The position seeker is also a lot more usable. You can actually drag it around and the picture updates in real-time.
  • You can play multiple videos in one player! Click the "menu" button on the player to view the playlist. You can click the little play/pause buttons to move to any video.
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