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Call us at 888-544-SMRT or email us at [email protected].
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Working at SmartLogic

What do we have to offer? We're glad you asked. Here are a few things that set us apart:

Our Office

We're located at the Broom Factory in Canton. To visit, dial 323 on the call pad at the front entrance. We're on the third floor.

3500 Boston St, Ste 323, Baltimore, MD 21224
  1. Plants and Sunlight!
    Plants and Sunlight!

    Lots of plants. And windows on two sides of the office.

  2. Historic Building
    Historic Building

    The Broom Factory is an old, old building.

  3. Bike Friendly
    Bike Friendly

    Bring your bike! We have bike parking and bike tools.

  4. Pair Programming
    Pair Programming

    Pair programming is encouraged.

  5. Equipment you Need
    Equipment you Need

    If you need something, we'll get it for you.

  6. Dog Friendly
    Dog Friendly

    Bring your dog!

  7. LOTS of Plants
    LOTS of Plants

    Can't have enough!

  8. Natural Sunlight
    Natural Sunlight

    We don't use the lights unless we need them.