SmartVentures Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the SmartVentures program.


As used throughout this document, “We” or “Us” refers to SmartLogic LLC and any of our affiliates. “You” refers to a company that applies for selection by SmartVentures.

Number of Admitted Companies

We reserve the right to admit any number of applicants, for any reason whatsoever. Meaning we reserve the right to accept zero applicants, and we also reserve the right to accept more than one applicant.

Timeline and Important Dates

We are accepting applications effective immediately. There are three deadlines to apply:

  • June 30: first round of application submissions due
  • July 31: second round of application submissions due
  • Aug 15: final round of application submissions due

Applications are due at 5pm EDT on each of the three aforementioned days. We will endeavor to notify applicants of their selection status within ten calendar days of the application due date though it may take us longer to review applications, especially if we receive a large number of applications. “Selection status” will generally mean whether or not we are considering your application for further consideration.

While we will do our best to adhere to the application dates specified above, we reserve the right to change the application dates, or to close the application process for any reason, at any time. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit your application as soon as possible.

We will provide feedback to the final four applicants but will not provide feedback to other applicants we aren’t further considering. We will not share any additional information with you as it relates to other applicants.


Information you submit to us will only be accessible to the selection committee. We will not make information about specific applications available to the public. We will treat information in your application as strictly confidential and protect it as such. We may publish aggregate numbers about applications we receive, e.g. the total number of applications we received, the average revenue of companies that applied, etc. The aggregate numbers will not be able to be used to identify any specific company or application.

Form the Investment will Take

Upon notification of being selected for SmartVentures, we will enter a negotiation with you regarding accepting equity in exchange for SmartLogic’s services. Equity may come in the form of a convertible note, number of shares granted, or any other mutually agreeable form.


Companies that apply must be incorporated in the USA. We will not consider applications from unincorporated entities nor will we consider applications from entities incorporated outside of the USA.

(Re)Location Requirements

Companies that are accepted into SmartVentures must relocate to Baltimore, MD within 90 days of notification they have been selected or will forfeit the award. By submitting your application, you pledge that you are ready, willing, and able to move to Baltimore within 90 days of receiving notification of your acceptance.