Design and engineering for every stage of your product journey.

From discovering user journeys to building out your back end infrastructure, our developers have the skills and knowledge to design and build the right solutions for your company's needs.

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    Discovery and Design

    Our in-house Product Designer can work with you to discover user personas, map user journeys, design wireframes, and build custom prototypes to refine assumptions and clarify priorities before coding begins.

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    Cross-platform Development

    Have a web app but need an Android or iOS app? Our team is well versed in React Native, a great cross-platform native app development framework.

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    Scaling Beyond an MVP

    We regularly work with startups to help them take their initial MVP and turn it into a scalable product. We've built entire products as well as specific web and mobile apps, components, and APIs.

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    Technical Consulting

    From DevOps support to Elixir/Phoenix development to technical roadmap planning, we have the experience and technical knowledge to support your team and steer you in the right direction.

How SmartLogic accelerated these startups’ product growth trajectories

April 11, 2019 — The Canton-based custom web and mobile app development agency provides consulting support and guidance to set startups on the path to technical success. Here are three such success stories.

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Even when your desired outcomes and app functionality are clear, there's often a substantial amount of discovery and design work to do before development can begin. We offer user and workflow discovery and design along with prototyping and testing to help ensure the product you end up with solves for your real business need.


Responsive Web Applications

We build web applications that manage business logic, streamline workflows, and provide a great user experience. We've been working with some of our web app clients for over 8 years; read more about our work building responsive web apps for FolioCollaborative, Brookes Publishing and RedShred.


iOS and Android Apps

We build mobile apps, both as standalone applications and as native versions of new or existing web applications. We work with React Native to deliver native code faster while providing a great user experience and easy-to-maintain code base. We've recently built mobile apps for NCQA, the Baltimore Water Taxi, and knctrr.


We've been managing the back end deployment and infrastructure for web and mobile apps since before the term DevOps was coined. Solid DevOps helps to make your tech more stable and while lowering your operational costs. Our team can help you get your DevOps set up and organized in such a way that it's easy for your team to maintain.

Going through such a deliberate and robust design process with SmartLogic before starting the development gave us the leg up we needed to finish on budget and ahead of schedule, while managing to release a sophisticated platform that is compatible with all devices.

— Myles Smith, Co-founder & Vice President, knctrr

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