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Conversations on modern best practices in web and mobile application development.

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The web and mobile development landscape is continually growing and shifting; in our podcast, we talk with developers around the world who are working with new and emerging languages in production.

Season Two: Elixir Internals

In our second season, we focus on Elixir Internals; we talk with developers behind some of the most popular Elixir libraries, including Witchcraft, ElixirScript, Distillery, Ecto, and more!

Contributing back to libraries both forces you to read how other people are writing code and collaborate with other people.
— Brooklyn Zelenka in S2E1 Elixir Internals on Witchcraft

Season One: Elixir in Production

Our first season, released from February-April of 2019, focused on Elixir in production and featured conversations with engineers who have live production apps built with Elixir. We talked about why Elixir, implementation details, libraries, patterns, and tips for real-world applications. Take a listen to the trailer embedded below or click in to any of the episodes in the list to listen to season one.

Elixir in Production: Takeaways and Common Themes

Here are some of the common themes that emerged through our conversations with the developers we interviewed in season one:

  • Everyone we interviewed had fairly similar reasons for picking Elixir. They loved that it was concurrent, highly available, and fault tolerant. The great developer tooling was icing on the cake.
  • A majority of the developers we spoke with host their Elixir applications on Kubernetes or some kind of Docker host. But don't let that intimidate you, Elixir also runs great on Heroku.
  • We also asked everyone for a single tip for getting your new application deployed and a lot of them responded with "Just give it a go and have fun!" While it seems complicated to deploy Elixir right now, getting the experience and having something deployed, no matter how you get it there, is worth doing.

Take a listen to our season one recap episode for more takeaways.

Read more about how SmartLogic uses Phoenix and Elixir. We also stream Elixir development every Monday at 12PM Eastern on Twitch; our archive of past streams is up on YouTube.