By engaging SmartLogic, Kinglet was able to greatly accelerate the roll out of a major improvement to their user experience.

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Q&A with CTO Mike Vess

Why did you bring SmartLogic in? What problem did SmartLogic solve for you?

Initially, we had some browser compatibility issues with a few key pages on our site which SmartLogic was able to resolve.

Our second project was to implement an interactive map with filters to allow users to search for available office spaces within the Kinglet marketplace. We didn't have the front-end expertise in house to efficiently build this feature so we decided to engage SmartLogic.

Why did you choose SmartLogic?

I was introduced to the team by Chris Brandenburg when I first started at Kinglet. I met Brian in person at a local event and he invited me to come for lunch at the office. I really liked the vibe of the team, which is something I didn't get from other shops. Being local was a big plus.

Kinglet Search View
Image 1/2: Search results are presented in an easy-to-read grid.

What was your favorite part of working with SmartLogic?

We had a very tight budget for the development of our map search feature, which meant that much of the desired functionality was relegated to the depths of "nice to have." Carlos was able to deliver all of the core requirements and pretty much all of these other features in less time than we had initially scheduled. That was pretty awesome.

Would you recommend SmartLogic to others?

Absolutely! The SmartLogic team has been great to work with. They have been able to deliver a high quality product faster than I had hoped.

Kinglet Search Results View
Image 2/2: Users can view pictures and details of office spaces available within the Kinglet marketplace.

What results have you seen so far from working with SmartLogic?

Like most startups, we have a small dev team (just two of us) and a huge work load. The majority of our early efforts were focused on developing the infrastructure we needed to build the Kinglet marketplace. By engaging SmartLogic, we were able to greatly accelerate the roll out of a major improvement to our user experience.