Brookes Publishing

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The Problem

Brookes Publishing was looking for a new software development company to help with their online Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ), two developmental screeners designed to help professionals (child-care providers, educators, and pediatricians) identify and address potential developmental delays in children 2 to 66 months of age. Brookes Publishing needed a firm that could both maintain the current product, and add new features.

With many top national organizations relying on ASQ Online, Brookes Publishing needed a firm that could make a seamless transition and manage a large-scale application. Additionally, Brookes Publishing did not employ any developers in-house, so they needed a software development company that could communicate technical topics in lay terms.

Why SmartLogic

Brookes Publishing interviewed SmartLogic and a few other software development companies. Tara Gebhardt, Project Administrator at Brookes Publishing, explained why Brookes Publishing eventually chose SmartLogic. "We were most comfortable with SmartLogic, and we were very pleased with what they had to offer us in the interview process," she said. "We couldn’t be happier that we chose them to work with."

A large part of why Gebhardt and her team felt comfortable with SmartLogic was that SmartLogic could translate between Brookes Publishing’s language and the technical language of software development. "They were easily able to translate our needs into development language, and they relayed technical information in a way that we could understand it and present it to our executives," said Gebhardt. Communication has been one of the best parts of SmartLogic’s relationship with Brookes Publishing moving forward. Clear communications save Brookes Publishing stress, time, and money.

The Solution

SmartLogic quickly got to know ASQ and started work. Below are a few highlights of Brookes Publishing and SmartLogic’s work together.

Currently, SmartLogic is working on adding new features, as well as making improvements to the codebase to increase the ease of maintaining it in the future.

The Results

SmartLogic’s work with Brookes Publishing has resulted in a more stable, usable product that’s also easier to build on.

After SmartLogic’s work going through ASQ’s backlog of bugs, there are fewer tickets for new bugs coming up through ASQ’s support system. "They’ve also found bugs that we didn’t even know existed," said Brack. "They catch bugs before we see them, before customers see them."

Beyond just catching bugs, SmartLogic has allowed Brookes Publishing to grow ASQ quickly. "The development and delivery time has been fast and it has been wonderful," said Gebhardt. Working with SmartLogic has allowed Brookes Publishing to move forward on technical products without technical knowledge. As Gebhardt explained, the ease of communicating with SmartLogic "saves us time and money, and keeps people happy, because we can get things done and understand each other."

"We would definitely recommend SmartLogic, especially to another company who might not have on-staff developers, because they’ve been able to bridge the gap and communicate," said Gebhardt. "It is so easy and effortless working with them."